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How to Make Whey and Yogurt Cheese

Making "yogurt cheese" which is a great sub for cream cheese. And what to do with the whey that drains off


Cheesemaking - what to do with all that whey?

What to do with excess whey -e.g. as stock, good for blueberries and tomatoes #goatvet Use my hints to increase your goat milk production


Running Foods – Eating Energy Foods for Running the Right Way

Running Foods will be ideal for runners, cyclists, weight lifters. Don't know what to eat before and after a workout? We do...


if this isn't heaven i don't know what is STRAWBERRY PROTEIN ICE CREAM --- it's just 1/4 cup water, 1 cup ice, 1 cup strawberries, 30 grams vanilla whey protein powder and a sprinkle of cinnamon blended together for a minute.


(S, E, or FP) Mint Choco Java Frappe

WHAT IS MY NEW FAV THING EVAR, YOU ASK?! My Trim Healthy Mama-appropro Mint Choco Java Chip Frappe I reply. Basic recipe: - 1 cup unsweetened almond milk - 6 or so ice cubes - 1 scoop of whey pro...


Hey babes for all those that have inquired about my protein vitamins etc... Here it is!!! I use to waist train and take fat burners when I initially started my journey.. But the last 8 months I wanted to rid my body of all the unnecessary products. #Guam_Fit Fish Oil: Cardiovascular Brain & Eyes BCAA: Muscle recovery Muscle protein & Lean muscle (this is what is in my water) B-12: Promotes energy supports a healthy nervous system ISO 100: Whey Protein Alive liquid: Multi vitamin contains…


♥ Protein balances your blood sugar levels- making you fuller, longer! ♥ MYTH Buster! Protein will not bulk you! It increases your metabolism, making you leaner and healthier! Women need protein. ♥ What about WHEY protein powder?? Whey is a leftover dairy bi-product of milk and cheese production. This explains gas and bloating after consuming whey. It's also accompanied by chemicals and processed 'crap'... read your labels! We created Perfect Fit for you- it only has 5 organic…


What To Do with Leftover Whey: Make Rustic Italian Bread

Have you ever wondered how Italian restaurants make their bread so fluffy and delicious? This is the recipe. Italian chefs (and mammas) make whey bread following the making of ricotta, using the leftover whey that drains off of the cheese. ...