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What Is Wcw Mean

iwannabewhole: “ “ “I learn every day what it means to love myself, and I’m constantly figuring out what makes me feel empowered.” ”


Melanie Martinez- Whoa- she looks so different when she's wearing natural makeup- SHE'S SO GORGEOUS!!! I mean she's always beautiful no matter what- BUT WOW!!!


26 Inspiring Beauty Quotes That Will Make You Feel All the Feels

Being thin doesn't make your pretty, just as being chubby or fat doesn't make you ugly. Or even having a nice face with a mean attitude makes you uglier in my books.. Women need to stop judging each other, and start supporting each other..... Stop talking behind each others backs according to our looks.... And love each other for what matters, our hearts. Society's idea of beauty inevitably fades, then what are you left with!?


Are you aware of what you make me feel, baby Right now I feel invisible to you, like I'm not real Didn't you feel me lock my arms around you Why'd you turn away?


Until you're broken, you don't know what you're made of. It gives you the ability to build yourself all over again, but stronger than ever.


OMG!!!! What A Nightmare!!!! I Mean Dean, Ok But They Should Have Roman Behind Him. Make It Say, "Ambreigns Forever!!!!"