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from Tornadough Alli

Tiramisu Truffles

A delicious holiday fave these Tiramisu Truffles take the favorite holiday treat and make it bite sized for everyone to love.


Can you guess what gourmet treat is hidden under the skin of Chef Uwe's latest creation? These mushrooms are actually tiramisu-flavoured and we think they are truly irresistible - do you agree? Why not come and try them at the Michelin-starred Mandarin Grill + Bar.

from Active Vegetarian

Vegan Tiramisu Brownies (gluten-free)

What’s better than dessert? How about 2 desserts in one? These Tiramisu Brownies are sure to be a crowd pleaser.  The Brownie is dense and...


Tiramisu Bowl – Go ahead, be a showoff. It’s easy with this deceptively simple take on creamy, fluffy, mouthwatering tiramisu topped with juicy berries. A big bowl of awesome is what this is.

from Today's Nest

Treat of the Week: Tiramisu

I am somewhat surprised that I made it this far without presenting tiramisu.  This is my recipe for my all-time favorite dessert.  Cheesecake tries to win my affections, and I admit I sometimes stray, but tiramisu holds a special place in my heart.  It has it all... coffee, cream, chocolate... what's not to love? There is much debate over the origin of tiramisu.  We know for sure that it came from Italy and is likely derived from another popular Italian dessert, zuppe inglese.  Where…


Maple Tiramisu

This maple tiramisu recipe is filled with sweet mascarpone and coffee but also features spiced rum and maple syrup!

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30 Recipes Of Chocolate Art You Should Try Now

If this makes your mouth water you won't want to miss our new menu at Cobblestone Cafe in Waynesville Ohio!

from fatmandoo

My Bulletproof Tiramisu Treat

Bulletproof Tiramisu.I made 1 cup of strong Upgraded Bulletproof Coffee and set aside to cool. Next I whipped 125ml of pure cream until nearly whipped. To this I added 250ml Mascarpone Cheese, a splash of Kahlúa, 50ml of the cooled coffee, a few drops of liquid stevia, a cap full of MCT Oil, and a little vanilla whipped til combined.