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"Creativity is subtraction" by Austin Kleon: What does this mean? - "One, getting really good at creative work requires a lot of time and attention, and that means cutting a lot of fluff out of your life so that you have that extra time and attention. And two, creativity in our work is often a matter of what we choose to leave out, rather than leave in—what is unspoken vs. spoken, what isn’t shown vs. what is, etc." #Creativity

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Austin Kleon on 10 Things Every Creative Person Should Remember But We Often Forget

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Summer Math Pack for 3rd Grade

School is just around the corner! This Summer Math Pack offers a fun and engaging way to review 3rd grade math standards, or to see what is ahead! This packet covers 3 digit addition and subtraction, multiplication, division, time, rounding and so much more!


MathSteps: Grade 1: Addition and Subtraction Facts to 20: What Is It? This could be good information for parents.


What is Subtraction in Math? - Definition, Methods & Examples - Video & Lesson Transcript |

How to add, subtract, multiply, divide, simplify fractions and how to write them in words. What is numerator and denominator.

What are you doing to build your mental toughness? What is the best activity for building mental toughness? Today, we talk cold showers and subtraction.

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Learning Our Subtraction Strategies

Are you looking to pump up your subtraction activities? This unit will help teach your students different subtraction strategies, and make learning lots of fun! If you enjoyed my Addition Strategies unit then hopefully you will love this one as well!Here's what is included:-7 Strategy Posters: Counting Up, Counting Back, Subtract All, Subtract Zero, Using Doubles, Related Facts, Make a Model (and small posters for students as well)-Subtraction Resources: Numbers Line to 10, Number Line…