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Forsaken Rogue. What is it about male undead rogues that are so hot? I had this set years ago on my wimpy human rogue. *facepalm of shame*


Clinton pledged delegates are unbound due to conscience clause | What Is A Faithless Delegate? The Convention Rules Vary For These Electors Gone Rogue #NeverHillary

After Will Evans murders his own teammate, Floyd Lawton escapes Belle Reve and takes the fight straight to the impostor! But which Deadshot will survive? Meanwhile, Katana is proven right as Kobra's hidden plan is revealed-but no one could have anticipated what will happen when the villain's plot is overturned. Is the Suicide Squad prepared to deal with a rogue Aurakle?

from Storenvy

Taxidermy Eye Studs 10mm

What's the best way to bring out the color in your eyes? By wearing sterling silver taxidermy eye earring studs of course! Rogue taxidermy is the creation of stuffed animals which do not have real, live counterparts; They may represent mythical creatures such as dragons, griffins, unicorns or ...