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The dazzling “star” near the waxing moon on January 1, 2 and 3, 2017 is Venus. Mars is also along a line between the sunset location on your horizon and the moon and Venus in your sky.

JOAN BENNETT (1910-1990) was an American stage, film and television actress. She is one of the famous actress in this period with movies such as Disraeli (1929), Little Women (1933), ...


Women’s Modern Assassin Armor. This is the denim Modern Assassin Armor, women’s style, in black/red. This particular version is intended for use as costuming in Assassin’s Creed: Artefact 2 as well, for the 2nd of the 3 main characters. Since the characters will be active in martial arts and acrobatic stunts, we designed special gussets for increased range of motion in the arms.


Venus is one unique planet when it comes to rotational motion. It takes Venus 243 Earth days to completely rotate on its axis, but just 225 days to orbit the sun. Venus also is one of two planets that rotates in reverse, a phenomenon called retrograde motion, which according to most theories is due to an ancient planetary collision.


Great news! Mercury Retrograde is OVER! If you've been holding off on starting something new, wait no more - the time to act is NOW! Mercury Retrograde is a time to REflect, REthink, REvise, REconsider... Now is the time in the cycle to ACT on those ideas, thoughts and plans. The message for 2017 that came out of our New Year Drum Journey last week was: Imagination + Motion(Action) = Creation. So... let's get busy creating! What are YOU going to create? #mercurygoesdirect


What is retrograde? Sometimes the planets appear to change direction in the sky. This retrograde motion is entirely an illusion caused by the Earth passing the slower moving outer planets.