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So that's why I'm always researching everything ... Too much dopamine

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uh hOw bout nO, jungkook istg you better not leave

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Open a Food Truck is a fun Project Based unit that involves research and STEM. Students design their own food truck and what they will serve. The food truck will represent a country that has been researched. $

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this is glorious, but also, must musical instructions are written in italian, but that hardly makes every musician fluent in italian, so instead, imagine will only speaking bits and pieces that are relative to music/he's picked up over the years from researching things he doesn't understand, and him getting frustrated because he only understands parts of what nico is saying, or like percy/jason/leo coming over to talk to the two of them and being really confused because they're mixing…

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In this second novel of Alison Weir’s epic Six Tudor Queens series, the acclaimed author and historian weaves exciting new research into the story of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s most infamous wife, a woman ahead of her time whose very life—and death—forever changed a nation. Born into a noble English family, Anne is barely a teenager when she is sent from her family’s Hever Castle to serve at the royal court of the Netherlands. Yet what seems a strategic move on the part of her opportunistic…

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This website is dedicated to making ancestry research absolutely free and easy. Don't pay for what you might find for free. Make this website your one bookmark to the Ultimate index of absolutely Free Ancestry Resources.

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"Gathering information from sources that can't be visited personally is a problem for all genealogists. Long-Distance Genealogy is designed to help armchair researchers overcome this unavoidable problem. Readers will begin by addressing the basics of starting a long-distance search. Next they'll learn what types of records and publications can be accessed from a distance, problems associated with the process, how to network, how to use computer resources and special last resort options."

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Beautiful animation about a quest to understand music - great to share with your students!

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