It's true. The government wants to give people who don't work half of the money we earn. We work hard to get a little and they do nothing to get a lot. It's very stupid and it will teach people to be lazy slobs with no lives.

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Patriotism is a love and devotion to a person's country and its ideals. Often associated with nationalism, patriotism tends to...

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Brown | Buraun | Braun | Marrone | Brun | Marrón | Bruin | ブラウン | Colour | Texture | Pattern | Style | dragon

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How To See The Statue Of Liberty, A Bit Of History & Other Reasons The Lady Is So Awesome

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Navy SEALS What is there not to like about these brave boys and girls? Just be proud of our military and our nation and say thanks to all those who have given or are still giving their all to protect us.

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James Madison- My fellow Americans, this is what is happening right NOW! WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

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Rob Gronkowski. He gives me eternal-college-frat-boy vibes but his body is insane. Do you see his hands?repin

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