And that also doesn't mean you don't like males,females or non binary people over one or the other because I like guys more but that doesn't mean I don't like females or non binary people we all have preferences

I just want to add that gender preferences are a thing with pansexuals as well. I'm pansexual and I generally find myself being attracted to girls more often than any other gender. So it's not a complete disregard for gender.

Well I mean I am attracted to pans cause like.. Without pans... No bacon...  I'm sorry I am so fucking retarded

Pansexual: A person who is pansexual is attracted to people regardless of gender. Pansexual comes from the root "pan," or "all." A pansexual person can be attracted to all gender. Pansexual people are not attracted to pans.

aro/ace jokes.

K but what about the Pansexual are we like the forgotten house that nobody knows or are we with the bisexuals in ravenclaw? I mean I actually am a Gryffindor but I'm not straight in the slightest. so id // Yup I'd still want to be a male slytherin

Real talk: how can people be bisexual? Like I get it, you love both genders. But do you see someone, such as myself, who is agender and think "ew no. They're agender. I can't love them."? I once saw a bisexual thing and it said "we love people for their soul, not for what is in between their legs." Really? Gender's definition literally says that biological means don't matter. If you are bi and saying that you can still love everyone, then that means your pansexual. Not bi.

Bisexual Pride Heart with Gender Knot. Heart is pink, purple, and blue with white gender symbol knot.

This college admissions form that got it right: | 23 Times Tumblr Cleverly Explained What Being Genderqueer Means

This college admissions form that got it right:


This simple explanation of the difference between genderflux and genderfluid<<< wow, thanks! Now I know what genderflux is, and I need to teach my autocorrect, too!

I know a lot of you are going to disagree with some of this, because of the way that LBTQ people (and others) are viewed by many members of the church. All I'm saying, is that I'm a sinner. They're a sinner. I'm no better than anyone else. So I'm gonna be a friend to you and I will stand by you no matter what your life looks like. ~Chey.

How to be an ally. You don't have to face oppression first hand to know it's bad.

*questioning mumbling*

Pansexuals looking around confused af and wondering what opposite gender means

Hell yhea...I don't really care...In fact I'm straight with straight extremely biased parents....on the matter...but one of best friend is is pansexual, and the other is asexual and aromantic...I don't care as long as they're good people...I don't care what sexuality or gender they identity just matter who they are.-ks

lol that would be a funny thing to say in many instances hahahaha

just because i support gay rights does not mean that i am gay, it just means that i am human.

Hell yes. Am I gay? Do I support gay rights? My parents don't support gay rights, but I think people should be able to like who they like.

Kinda want to take a picture and send it to my mom but she doesn't "believe" in bisexuals

Kinda want to take a picture and send it to my mom but she doesn't "believe" in bisexuals/// Well, your mom needs to educate herself and learn what it means to be a proper parent. All the luck and blessing to you