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Skinny Brownie Batter Dip

Skinny Brownie Batter Dip on ...This is a great way to hit that chocolate craving with a little less guilt!


7 things you need to know about pancakes on Pancake Day

The Swallows Pancakes and fruit14 Pancakes are quite literally the food of the gods Pancake Day was originally a pagan festival that sprang from Slavs’ belief that they had to help the gods of spring and fertility fight against the evil gods of cold and darkness, which is something I think we can all get behind. Those pagans had a point. Read more:

Vanilla French Toast

This Vanilla French Toast is guaranteed to become your new favorite breakfast. Thick slices of French bread are coated in an egg mixture spiked with both vanilla extract and vanilla paste and toasted until golden brown. Topped with whipped cream, maple syrup and fresh berries, every day should have such a delicious beginning!


WHAT IS PANCAKE DAY?​Many people are familiar with Mardi gras celebrations on the day before Lent.But in Liberal,Kansas,the day before Lent means just one thing–it’s Pancake Day.On Shrove Tuesday,Mar. 4,2014,at 11:55 a.m.,the race goes on again,with the overall score standing at 36 wins for Liberal and 27 for Olney.In 1980 the score didn't count,because a media truck blocked the finish line in Olney.


Great information to take in! I firmly believe that the key to staying HEALTHY and fit is simply by eating the RIGHT foods in a BALANCED diet. This practice in combination with developing routine fitness options is where it's at! It's all about making a lifestyle commitment--not a temporary adjustment! It's "beyond dieting!"


♥ Protein balances your blood sugar levels- making you fuller, longer! ♥ MYTH Buster! Protein will not bulk you! It increases your metabolism, making you leaner and healthier! Women need protein. ♥ What about WHEY protein powder?? Whey is a leftover dairy bi-product of milk and cheese production. This explains gas and bloating after consuming whey. It's also accompanied by chemicals and processed 'crap'... read your labels! We created Perfect Fit for you- it only has 5 organic…


20 Weight Watchers breakfast recipes to kickstart your day

If you're looking for weight watchers recipes with points that are delicious and easy to make and that will kick your day off with the energy you need to make it through until lunchtime, this collection of 20 weight watchers breakfast recipes is just what you need! I've included the number of weight watchers points/pointsplus per serving for all 20 of these recipes, and I really hope this collection of breakfast ideas helps you on your quest for a healthier (and skinnier!) 2015!


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Just like in the EU and Canada, hemp should be legal in the US. Find out why:


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What Is Pancake Day in the UK?