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11 Sensory Red Flags

Dissecting what is sensory behavior can be soooo overwhelming. Worse is that parents worry they are totally missing other signs for sensory difficulties. These are some of those commonly missed

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How to be more mindful. Feeling mentally stuck? Use RAIN as a means to bring out your natural compassion and mindfulness. This article is beautiful and describes my meditations perfectly.

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Eat right, exercise, lose weight...that is what we're told. Feeling stuck and unmotivated? Feeling overwhelmed by the options out there? WHAT IF Plexus provided an easy place to start? WHAT IF it were not time consuming or expensive? WHAT IF you could begin feeling better, have more energy, getting more restful sleep and improve your digestion? Plus, you gain a great support team that includes me. What if? Isn't it time?

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What Happens To A Woman’s Body During Pregnancy?

What Happens To A Woman’s Body During Pregnancy?

ParentsNeed | One Stop Site For All Your Parenting Needs With A Mission To Shift Focus Back To Parents. Mom, Beauty, Baby, Reviews, Kids, Teens & Parenting.

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What Should You Do To Feel A Little Better Right Now?

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❤ Only God knows everything I've been through in life and how strong of a person I am to live it and still succeed with my head held high, God only gives people what they can handle and I am proud to know just how strong I have been in life, for only the weak are the ones who don't have any troubles or worries so I would rather have my life with problems and come back stronger than ever and thank you god for believing in my strengths

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This post is written by Matt Jager from Don’t Lose the Cow. Ever feel totally overwhelmed by the busyness of modern life? If you’re anything like me, you know what it’s like to go for weeks at a time with hardly a break, from the time you slap the alarm in the morning until yourRead more »

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