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What is an Operator

Once upon a time you had to be a member of one of two units in US Special Operations to be considered an operator.  Those units were SEAL Team Six and Delt

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How Does Google Phone Number Search Work?

Phonebook - What is the Google Phonebook Operator, and How Does It Work?

What to Pack for the Belizean Jungle - A Rainforest Packing List: "...Ask Your Jungle Lodge/Tour Operator What Is Included If you are staying at a lodge in the rainforest or going through a tour operator, ask for the details of what is included. On my recent rainforest jaunt, the hiking boots, socks, binoculars, and ponchos were included, but this wasn’t advertised on the website. Asking about these details in advance saved me money on new purchases and valuable suitcase space..."


"Experience the real part of [insert country here] etc!" For a person looking to have an immersive experience versus going "full tourist" in their destination the promise of an "authentic" experience can be appealing. But more often than not these "urban safaris" are nothing more than what is known as #slumtourism when groups pay a tour operator to literally tour an often impoverished community often with cameras in hand. You can see this first hand in Kenya Jamaica Brazil Honduras Thailand…

What is HAM radio? Learn all about it, how to become a licensed HAM radio operator. From ARRL (American Radio Relay League)


I am a CRANE OPERATOR, what is your superpower? - #tshirt necklace #hoodie womens. SAVE =>