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A screenshot from my instagram, it has all the info. Surprisingly you can different quiz answers if you retake the patronus quiz on pottermore. This is what I got when I remade my account to match my fandom character. This one definitely matches my spirit. Even more so than the orca. I wonder why this is a very rare result. Either way, Abraxan winged horses are awesome, same as all the other creatures!❤✌#potterhead#ravenclaw #hornedserpent #harrypotter #patronus #wingedhorse…

It's funny I took a test to see what my patrounus is and it is a Horse and I have red hair....I am Ginny!!!! jk


I'd like to stick to the fact that I was "kinda" cool in high school. My dorkiness didn't settle in until my early 20's :)


thanks to JK Rowling. I love this. I never thought if it this way before. JK Rowling once again proving even more awesome than what meets the eye.