So profound, it really makes one think about what they should be doing and makes you realize how materialistic man is!!!!!!!!

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"Ask yourself, 'What is the true destiny of my soul, what is my authentic self and what did I come here to manifest to bring passion and meaning to my life?'" - Sandra Ingerman

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Absolutely. He has had his boys for 16 hrs and they already want to come back. He is abusive and crazy to brandon. I have had it. I can't wait til I get what I want and never have to talk to him. He is an asshole and don't deserve my kids. They deserve so much better.

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Dear Universe: I am so grateful for ABUNDANCE in every area of my life. ---------------------------------------- A secret to truly mastering affirmations: The Universe cannot differentiate between what is happening in the physical realm, or what is happening and being imprinted in the spiritual realm. When you use your affirmation as if it has already happened, then you strengthen your manifesting power. ‪#‎MANIFEST‬ #affirmations

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I'm soooooo done. Like nobody understands. I'm sick of being alone. I have nobody to talk to, school starts next week, I'm sick of sharing a room with Taylor, idfk what's going on with Jordan, my life is going down hill and I just want my mom. I swear I fucking hate everyone and I hate being so alone. I want to die.

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Changed Attitudes do aid recovery. My attitude influences my recovery choices. Serenity is possible with changes in my attitude, expectations, and responses. As I grew in Al-anon, it became clear that my true responsibility was to care for myself. My caretaking and controlling actually hurt others, possibly cheating them out of an opportunity to learn and grow. Today I can detach with love, not only because it's a nice thing to do but because it really is the only way we can truly Let Go…

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ignore toxic people exactly what i have done what i do i look out for myself I love myself first yet some people just don't get it. I think blocking people is infantile because we both adults and should know where people's boundaries stand and respect that. But now some people just push to the point where that's the only choice! Stay out my life!!!!!!!

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This is a prayer for revealing God's Will For Your Life. Lord, what is Your will for me? I am completely and totally open to Your plan for my life. More

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