Do you know what a creative studio is? Let us unfold it to you, depicted with our unique approach. This is Nerdo. Your story, wonderfully crafted.
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This 28-page science mini-book was created to help teach the Next Generation Science Standards for 3rd grade in forces and interactions (3-PS2).It covers the following principles: what is force, different kinds of force, gravity, magnets, contact forces, action-at-a-distance forces, predicting motion, net zero force, balanced vs.
Telit official trade show video at the Mobile World Congress event. The video needed to explain what Telit does in a way that average consumer could understand. Since what they do is often invisible to the average consumer and behind the scenes, the approach was to literarily take various end products apart and show the hidden inner workings of.  My work is the design and animation of motion graphic elements, matchmoving and integration with the live action footage.  Music: Kollektiv ...
What is S.T.E.M.? S.T.E.M. is an abbreviation for Science Technology Engineering and Math. It is not a particular method or way of teaching, but more of a movement to integrate these subjects into the curiculum with real-world, problem-based activities. S.T.E.M. in education is not about adding something new to your lesson plans. Instead, it is teaching science and math in creative [...]
Roller Coaster Rally: A STEM Integrated Unit.What is more exciting than roller coasters?! Not much! $ - Literacy Loves Company
Life is Better Messy Anyway: Newtons Laws of Motion & Angry Birds Cause and Effect
A fantastic gif will loop flawlessly and build in motion dynamics that feel natural. This is an excellent example of just that. Courtesy
During my three months internship at Snask, a great branding, design & film studio, I got the chance to experiment with different techniques and styles. I ended up making a stop motion film based on a design I made for the Snask column in Computer Art magazine.  Have a look on Behance to view the case!This is my first stop motion project (as you can see, because it turned out to be way too long),
What Is A Force? (Science Reader on Push and Pull); black and white plus colored versions included. $
For my final project I decided to make a video about the benefits of becoming a counselor. I've been a camp counselor for the past 5 summers and it has helped me grow beyond anything that can fit in this video. I highly encourage everyone to look more into it and to give it a try.
Chalk Talk: A Kindergarten Blog: Forces at Work
What is a scalar?  A scalar is a quantity that is fully described by a magnitude only. It is described by just a single number. Some examples of scalar quantities include speed, volume, mass, temperature, power, energy, and time.  What is a vector?  A vector is a quantity that has both a magnitude and a direction. Vector quantities are important in the study of motion. Some examples of vector quantities include force, velocity, acceleration, displacement, and momentum.