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Kosher Perfect Matzo Balls

Kosher Perfect Matzo Balls from OK, OK, I know; your bubbie made the perfect matzo balls. But they are finicky little rascals that are made a 1000 different ways and everyones bubbies always made them best. What I want to share here is the simplest, no nonsence methode of the creation of soft and/or firm matzo balls; for just like white and dark meat people, there are soft and firm matzo ball people.


MATZO MEAL Around the Jewish holiday of Passover, supermarkets start to fill their shelves with matzo and matzo meal alongside piles of egg-shaped Easter chocolates. While all foods eaten during passover are supposed to be kosher-for-passover, the most famous passover food is matzo (or matzah). Matzo is an unleavened cracker-like bread that is traditionally eaten at Passover. It is made with flour and water, and it is the flour-containing product that is deemed to be Kosher for passover.


Don't know what is matzo ball but this looks really good.

Common ingredient substitutions! If you don't have a required ingredient for a recipe, chances are you have a substitute at hand!


Matzoh Ball Soup | "This is the real deal. Authentic Jewish-style chicken soup like Bubbe used to make. If you don't know what that means, google it!"


Matzo Ball Soup

Deliciously light and fluffy Matzo balls floating in a rich and savory chicken broth loaded with carrots, celery and chunks of chicken!