His Families (Part 2) by Phoenixx305

His Families (Part by sad.I hope he doesn't fail X( oh god please let them be ok hiro.

Writing anchor chart - Don't know where to start? Just write from the heart!

What a great anchor chart to captivate and inspire writing. The First Grade Parade - LOVE this adorable anchor chart for writing!


Natsu et Lucy quand ils sont petits - Fairy Tail

by Blanania

Gate closed (Spoilers of the new chapter. by blanania on DeviantArt It feels like an spoiler! this is so sad!

2nd Grade Informational Writing Books (Lucy Calkins) | My Primary Paradise

Informational Writing Books for K-2 (Lucy Calkins) -

Grade Informational Writing Books (Lucy Calkins) This.

What I really love is when Gray thanks his undressing habit, his voice is really soft and high pitched. xD haha

Gray now your teaching your habits to women? And Lucy Gray strips down to just his undies not to full nakedness.

NaLu Episode 150 by DSM164.deviantart.com on @deviantART ~ their bond is too adorable, this is what love is ^^

Natsu and Lucy. My favorite NaLu moment.

Writers workshop -   Lucy Calkins story mountain. Students create notes on a post it forming small ideas. Students take the small ideas and paste them right into their notebook to creat a story. Yellow post it's are the who's, when's and what's of the story, blue can be 3 main ideas or a Problem and pink is a strong closing or the solution to the problem in the story.

yellow- characters, setting, blue-events and problem, red- solution

Intro to Writers Workshop and Labels.

"What is a label" anchor chart. Great supplement when introduction informational text. (From Eberhart's Explorers)

NaLu: A Happy Ending by xmizuwaterx on DeviantArt

lool everone wants that book, Lucy/Natsu

Fairy Tail 344 Page 5

I fell sorry for the person who made Lucy cry.P villain who made Lucy cry cause of death: Natsu

Lol, you're caught, Lucy. Just admit it already.

I want Natsu with Lisanna not Lucy it should be Natsu + Lisanna Lucy + Leo Leone + Juvia

Credit goes to fairytailsanddragonscales from tumblr --- that is freaking terrifying. Oh my gawd... That's... Oh gawd...

fairytailsanddragonscales The end of it is just so sweet I love it

Asdfghjkl my heart, is now broken. Fairy tail ... natsu x lucy

My heart completely broke here.

Nalu ~ If only it would have happened...

Nalu ~ If only it would have happened...

What Guided Reading Is and Isn't - Lucy Calkins - The Art of Teaching Reading - Great Article - Free Download

What Guided Reading Is and Isn't - Lucy Calkins - The Art of Teaching Reading - this is so tricky for me