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Your house is on fire and you have just sixty seconds to grab what you want... What would it be? \\ Leave your answer in the comments section!

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Leap Year I LOVE this movie!!! And now I decided I will only marry a guy with an Irish accent. <3

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Leap Year Origins and Other Weird Facts (infographic) from

The Weird Facts Behind Leap Year (INFOGRAPHIC)

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Do you pick a #wordoftheyear? This is my 6th year doing it, and I love it. I've found that my word really shapes how my year turns out and guides my focus. My word last year was ease. It completely transformed the way I run my business. I'm feeling the need for a little more active word this year, so I chose LEAP! I'm determined to get out of my own way and say yes to things that scare me. If you've picked a word for 2017, I'd love to hear what it is. Share it in the comments. On…

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Perhaps the most haunted castle in Ireland is Leap Castle. More than 400 years ago, in 1532, brother turned against brother to shed blood. One was a warrior who rushed into the chapel and used his sword to slay the priest who was his brother. The priest fell across the altar and died. The chapel is known as Bloody Chapel since that time. The dungeon in the castle is called an oubliette. Prisoners pushed into the oubliette fell eight feet onto spikes coming up from the floor. Leap Castle is…

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I don't even know which of these comments is the most epic... xD

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Here is a sneak peek at something I was working on today. I was enjoying the glorious sunshine today and thinking how lucky I am to be able to do what I love to do everyday. One year ago, I took a leap and quit my day job of 17 years to quilt full time. Thank you to all of you for your support! Quilting really is my bliss! #quiltingismybliss #quiltersdreambatting #battgirls #superiorthreads #customquilting #ilovemyjob

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What is leap year... and Activities to Celebrate the day.

Make a Leap Year Time capsule... they can open it in 4 years when they are in 8th grade ready to graduate!

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I say "Eh, shaddap ya eejit! Stop talkin shite!" All the time and my friends are non the wiser on what Im sayin XD

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