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Jealousy is not always a bad thing nor is it a sign of insecurity. When your girlfriend shows no signs of jealousy, you should be very worried about your relationship.


no matter who it is or what is said don't worry because I will still come to you at before anything, you are always my first choice


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To anyone that keeps trying, but for what. There is so much jealousy, disloyalty, hatred, and dishonesty with friends, and family. Just do you!


Repost @twin_flames_1111 (Cassady Cayne)👐💙👐 Everything You Need To Know About The #TwinFlameMission ❤️ #UnconditionalLove, Bridging Key Codes Into Earth, Unification into One, The True Purpose of #TwinFlameRunning and Separation - It's All Here In This Brand New #Infographic ... Infographics are one of my favorite ways of presenting information - and from what I've heard from you, you enjoy them too! So this week, here's a brand new infographic on the Twin Flame Mission. And spirit had a…


Competition spurs on jealousy. One is always trying hard to be better than someone else.~ I am good! So happy with who I am, where I am and what I am becoming in Christ, I have all I need.