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Be your best self in spite of what others do or say. Take the high road and be above the bullshit

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no matter who it is or what is said don't worry because I will still come to you at before anything, you are always my first choice

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Absolutely. But we all know that. Jealous? NO. Territorial?! Absolutely. What's mine is mine, and that's something that'll NEVER be yours. So pretend all you want but we know who wins. Who will always win. Lol remember you're not good enough for anyone to love. You said it yourself.

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Considering most of your hate (really fear, jealousy and guilt) for me, is projected hatred of yourself (which is completely merited, by the way) I could care fucking less why you justify what you did.

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The Key To Happiness Is Letting Each Situation Be What It Is Instead Of What You Think It Should Be

The key to happiness is letting each situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be.

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JEALOUS FRIEND| Quotes & Thoughts by ReTina Broussard @ReTinaReIgnites @ReIgniteALife LIKE. SHARE. FOLLOW.

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100 Best Quotes in My Notebook

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