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Why Passion is More Important than Personality in Your Career |

Why Passion is More Important than Personality in Your Career

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10 Quality Traits All Introverts Have, Even If They Don’t Know It

I never realized how much of an introvert I really am until recently. When I read descriptions like these, I can't believe how well I relate. It's like someone opened my brain and took incredible notes of what they saw!

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Self affirmations - that's what speaking is actually for ...

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I'm an introvert... I love being by myself, love being outdoors, love taking a long walk with my dogs and looking at the trees, flowers, the sky. - Audrey Hepburn Simplicity is the truest form of beauty. You, my fair lady, are the ambassador of what is beautiful in this world.

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"I Don't Understand" Limited Edition

30 days of Sherlock - 'Day 4' Favourite quote , this because it shows the loneliness and humanity of Sherlock in a sense - a harsh, cold sense. <-- Accurate.

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How to Win Over INFJs

Almost all of these are perfect. Number 1 is a bit different for me. I do want advice sometimes, or maybe I just want to know what people I respect would do in the situation. Number 6 is just hilarious-not sure they got it, but that may be the point.

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This is me whenever I'm at home. (Except the pets) and I've always got a jug of water with me too.

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Wake up for WHAT? (22 photos)

What will I do tomorrow? I wonder if I offended someone today? How am I really as a person? Am I as bad as people seem to think I am? What project can I start? How is my life going? Am I reaching my goals? What will the weather be like tomorrow? Is there anything I can do to better my life? Am I praying enough?

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