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Starting as an empty white room, Roman Ondak’s Measuring the Universe at Tate St Ives has grown through the contribution of around 90’000 participants to a constellation of black marks. Through the simple action of measuring oneself, Ondak’s work doesn’t just expand on ideas of space and the universal but also the personal, creating a growing living artwork that questions just what a museum is for.


How Water Pumping Windmills Operate – Off The Grid. Water pumping windmills By Dorothy Ainsworth ~ Backwoods Home Magazine shares a wonderfully informative article on how windmill powered windmills operate. Homesteads for generations have been using wind power to pump water with great success. This article explains what a water pumping windmill is, uses, having a well drilled, finding installing and maintaining a windmill and an irrigation tank.


Pink Ghost in public space: The Pink Ghost project by Périphériques Architects is a temporary installation that making an argument about t...


"What if architecture could be form without form?” Where form is no longer controlled by the confinements and solidarity of a built object, but controlled by the interaction of the user. Cerebral Hut is collective installation between Guvenc Ozel & Alexandr Karaivanov and media artist Jona Hoier & Peter Innerhofer, which brings the gaming interaction to a responsive surface.


FABRICS / MATERIALS. This is a sculpture by Heather Pickwell. She specialises in crochet sculpting and uses rope, wax , cardboard and other found materials. She mainly produces large installation pieces and most commonly made of rope. Her work has a lot of meaning and detail behind it. What i like about her work is the large scale mixed with the simplicity of materials.


New Mirrored Infinity Rooms in New York

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is showing off her newest installations in New York. The Infinity Mirrored Room features hundreds of multicolored LED lights, from floor to ceiling, to transform a room into what feels like eternity. (Photo: Delissa Handoko)


Antony Gormley: Firmament - Press View

Gormley was heavily influenced by his two years spent studying Buddhist meditation in India: "Using the body as an arena is at the heart of my work: looking at the body not as an image, not as an icon to be used for its symbolic or narrative purposes, but the body as an open place of inquiry and exploration that is constantly changing, that has no defined characteristics and we just have to watch, to attend to".