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More homemade, edible, metallic glitter. This is more like flakes in my opinion, but I depends on the size.


Gum Arabic transfer printing. Also known as paper litho / Xerox transfer, it is a versatile way of making prints which have the visual qualities of lithography and the surface tones of etching. The technique can be used with both hand drawn and photographic images, using photocopies or drawings on photocopy paper to create prints.


Mix Gum Arabic powder with warm water (10ml/2tsp of Gum Arabic with 60ml/2fl oz of water) to create an ed


New Art Resource: Watercolor Artist's October Issue

New Art Resource: Watercolor Artist’s October Issue. Watch a video slideshow of the paintings featured here! ~ch #watercolor #paintings


Bulk organic herbs, spices & essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs. Many ingredients here for making homemade chemical-free lotions, lotion bars, facial scrubs, insect repellant and more for yourself and your precious babies!