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Top 5 Things To Do On Your Brand New School Issued Google Chrome Book

So I got my Chromebook, now what? This is a common phrase immediately after receiving a school sanctioned device. After taking about two minutes to test ...

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Google Slides: Is the Future Paperless?

Google Slides: Is the Future Paperless? Are you unsure how to go paperless? What are the possibilities of a paperless classroom? Come read about how I've created some resources for my third graders to use in our 1:1 Chrome Book classroom. See how I have my students take notes on a template as well as some other ideas for Google Slides and PDFs. Come check it out!

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Teach Like The Tonight Show: Google Chrome Word Sneak Game #GAFE

Word Sneak is great for vocabulary review, but my personal favorite is to use this game as a pre-assessment. I am a firm believer in pre-assessment to find out what your students already know, and Word Sneak just makes it super fun!

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Introduction to Basic Computer Skills for the Google Classroom

Wondering how to start using Google in your classroom? Teach your students how to use Google Slides and so much more. Help your students gain the background skills they need to learn and complete online assignments. All you need are free Google accounts for your students. You don't even have to have Google Classroom or know what GAFE is. Great for professional development or for students grades 3 and up.


I am a big fan of self and peer evaluation. No matter what digital tools I use to give students feedback faster, there is still only one of me. If you provide students a rubric, having them assess ...

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16 Secrets of Google Drive You’ll Never Know If You Don’t Read This

16 Secrets of Google Drive You'll Never Know If You Don't Read This?ref=pinp nn If you’re a Millennial or an avid Gmail user, chances are you’ve heard of Google Drive. If you don’t know what Google Drive is, it is one of the apps that Google provides. Google Drive allows for collaboration with your peers on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It...

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Google Classroom Reading CVC words

Google Classrooms for kindergarten Fun new Reading strategy using Google drive. Reading CVC words is a perfect way to assess phonic skills. Are you going 1:1? Digital reading is the perfect way to embrace technology. For use in Google Classroom.

from Tech With Jen

Using Flubaroo to Grade Your Google Quizzes

Yesterday I showed how to create a form for primary students using Google forms. It is so easy to add pictures, video, page breaks, etc. to make quizzes and tests easy to navigate and understand, especially for little ones. But what good is all of this technology if it cant grade the quiz, right? Well there is an easy way to gather all kinds of data to help with assessment needs. The answer is called Flubaroo.