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Oops! I did indulge a little on break but I'm so good for it!!! I can rock it out at the gym! Once in like two years is nothing compared to the general public! I'm

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So that's why I'm always researching everything ... Too much dopamine

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Does anyone know what this is from or what's happening here?

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Blue Outfit

Blue Outfit This is a size 3T, cool weather outfit. The top is by Garanimals, has long sleeves and is royal blue, with a picture of a glittery pink cat surrounded with colorful hearts and says "What's not to love?" in rainbow lettering on the front. The bottoms are by Circo, and are indigo pants (like jeggings) with tiny pink dots on them. This outfit was only worn a few times and has been washed for your convenience. It has no flaws. Offers accepted through offer button. Matching Sets

Healthy, average, and unhealthy personality levels. (Litgram: An interesting chart for character traits and flaws. Could be used for analysis or creation. Is this character healthy? liberated? Why not? Do you agree with this chart? What would you change?)

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Seriously, here are a couple of books that i read: WaterFire Saga, and the Inheritance Cycle. They aren't very popular. Comment yours.

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Wallander (BBC). He is so clearly flawed but you can't help but pull for him & become frustrated with others for holding it against him.

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