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What Every Country in the European Union Is Best At

What Every Country in the European Union Is Best At Lithuania: Most secondary school graduates 93.4% of Lithuanians complete secondary school.

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What every European country is the worst at

What Every European Country Is The Worst At Being the best at dropping out of school means you're the worst.

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25 maps that explain the English language

Which countries in Europe can speak English English is one of the three official "procedural languages" of the European Union. The president of German recently suggested making it the only official language. But how well people in each European Union country speak English varies considerably. This map shows where most people can — and can't — have an English conversation.

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So...there IS such a thing (first heard about it on The Avengers movie when Tony Stark was mimicking Nick Fury inside the base) 'Mizzenmast" from a Man of War ~ Voyager

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Finally: European Union unitary patent on its way European member states reach agreement on location of future patent court

If these images of a dead child don't change our attitude to refugees, what will?

Refugees cross the border between the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece, near the town of Gevgelija, Macedonia. The Gevgelija-Presevo journey is just a part of the journey that the refugees, the vast majority of them from Syria, are forced to make along the so-called Balkan corridor, which takes them from Turkey, across Greece, Macedonia and Serbia to Hungary, the gateway to the European Union, September 2015

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How to make a profit from decluttering your home

Our six steps guide to make a profit from decluttering your home | This is Money