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What Is Cliche

Mind blown I picked a shocking one Comment what you picked

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'cause anime....

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Places to go in London for every visitor

It may be a cliché but few visitors can leave London without a trip to the world-famous Harrods. This grand department store built in 1849, is recognised for its over-the-top grandeur and luxury merchandise. Places to go in London - Harrods | pic: Rupert Ganzer

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omg, this is awesome. Going to be so helpful! "Deciding what to keep, toss, sell or donate when moving in together" map.

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I think it is important that we stop assuming things because when people assume things about you don't you get hurt? Or feel betrayed? We often assume things about people, when in reality you have no idea their situation or what is going on, that girl in the hall you whisper about because her clothes aren't in style or very nice, maybe her dad just lost his job, or maybe she's in a single parent household with a mother or father struggling to support their family, the kid who stutters and

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Stop living in the past...create the future you want! As cliché as it sounds it is never too late to make a change. Something I had to really think about and learn firsthand. It was not easy to walk away from the career I had built and had held onto as my "security." I was not sure what other people would think especially my family. The lack of security scared me to death. But turns out it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I'm not sure where this is all going but I…

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