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Senior year is insane for high schoolers applying to college! Here's a monthly breakdown of what teens should be doing to prepare

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thanks. thanks a lot. I'm in a public charter cyber schooled, so I still have the "public school curriculum". My curriculum changed to common not get me started on how craptastic it is.

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What exactly is a charter school? A charter school is actually a public school that is free to attend by any student. In fact, about 30,400 students i

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The Anatomy of Anxiety - Source:

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* * SAVE OUR CHILDREN: * * Republicans are taking a page out of Hitler's playbook in order to indoctrinate our children. Instead of changing themselves to better represent all Americans, Republicans are resorting to Hitler- like tactics by going to the "voucher plans" and "religious charter schools." What better way to do that, but by shaping young minds, through altering what is being taught in schools. ~ ~

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DORM ROOM INSPIRATION. The small mess on the bed itself is what I am looking for, but everywhere. It feels crammed, and I want it that way.

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How Gardening Enables Interdisciplinary Learning

What is aquaponics? Watch how this high school student used it, along with math, biology, and economics, to build a sustainable source of vegetables for his school’s cafeteria.

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color wheel umbrellas with fingerprint rain. Not sure what kind of colour wheel this is, but I like the concept. I find it helps for future concepts to always have the complementary colour directly across from it's mate.

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