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Start Your New Year Right by Following Canada's Food Guide


Yes.. Here's a joke! (Me and dad in car) Dad is turning on the radio. Dad-Hey, I'm going to play a song that I think is especially appropriate due to the upcoming election. Me-What song? Oh Canada?


Back in the day, I was that girl who packed her entire home up for a week {end} getaway. Shh...this is a place of no judgment. But now that I've been practicing the art of remixing, I don't have to...


Whistler, British Columbia, Canada --THIS IS THE PLACE MIKE HEARD ABOUT..AND WANTS TO GO NEXT YEAR...someone he knows bought a ski trip package and spent a lot less for a week or more than what we spent for 2-3 days in Vail.


"When you close your eyes and think of peace what do you see?" This was apparently part of the 2011 Knowledge Integration Museum Exhibition at the University of Waterloo in Canada. I love this because it speaks to our ability to envision a better world.