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What Is An Aquarius

from YourTango

5 Sexy Things Aquarius Women Do That Men Can't RESIST

Irresistible doesn’t even begin to cover what it’s like to spend a night with an Aquarius woman in bed. Not only is sex with her unforgettable and incredibly hot, but it is also full of surprises.


I have been asked quite a few times what I think of the November 14th Super Moon. The truth is that the Super Moon is an astronomical not an astrological event. It takes place when the Full Moon is what's known as perigee – i.e. as close it it’s going to come to the Earth for some tim

With North Node in Aquarius, our South Node is in Leo. With North Node in the eleventh house, our South Node is in the fifth house. A tendency to become overly attached to the drama of romance and personal relationships, to be willful and overly focused on getting what we want, and to resist being “one of the crowd” in an effort to stand out as unique and special, are some of the issues this position suggests. With this position, we need to let go of our fears in relationships by offering…


Your W.I.T.S. horoscopes are here and times they are changing... Mars has entered Aquarius! Collective progress is vital and each of us is a facet in the pressure-hardened diamond that is our world. What can you alone initiate and activate? Get to it! "Mars the planet of energy and action has left the sign of sure and steady Capricorn and entered erratic ingenious Aquarius for the next month. The water bearer is the ultimate rebel with a cause an original thinker and unintentional…

As an Aquarius, and knowing what is trying to be expressed, I've developed a headache simply by wondering how they could have missed the word mix-up (but can)... Jeez!


When an Aquarius stops caring, you can't reason with them because in their mind what's done is done.


Zodiac Aquarius Facts - If you know someone who is quick to rebel or often says things like “I’m gonna do what I want to do anyway”, they’re likely an Aquarius. Being told what to do is not their...


Why is it always about ego for us seriously I don't really care what my one thinks about me I can fall I. Love without that sh*