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What Is A Thunderstorm

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TOP 10 Nature's Phenomena

mammatus clouds, these strange, pouchy formations often occur in association with a thunderstorm


Everything about a thunderstorm is intensely saturated with anticipation and vibrancy; a good thunderstorm makes the whole world feel precarious and tingly and alive. It's gorgeous.


Red sprites and blue jets are both atmospheric and electrical phenomena that take place in the upper atmosphere. They take place above normal lightning; Blue jets happen in cone shapes above thunderstorm clouds, and are not related to lightning. They’re blue due to ionised emissions from nitrogen. Red sprites can appear as different shapes and have hanging tendrils. They occur when positive lightning goes from the cloud to the ground.


what I always say to my family when there is a storm. they look at me crazy, but I don't care because I know what I'm saying. a star in the sky; that's him. ❤️ you will be missed, Mitch. LEGENDS NEVER DIE

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This is an incredible photo of a microburst slamming Phoenix

Helicopter pilot Jerry Ferguson was cruising through the skies above Phoenix on Monday as thunderstorms erupted around the desert city.


Yes.. a beautiful picture of a natural phenomena -- but this is what we need to figure out; how to harness the massive energy by tapping into it.... and our energy problems would be over. A strike like this, it is said -- could power an entire good sized city for a month!