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Grief is for what regret, what thunderstorms do for young children’s fears, a perfect place to start pouring down on you - Quote From #RECITE #QUOTE

Instagram: @mrskmarino // Photography is more than just "a cool thing to do" it's outwardly expressing how you see life around you... an opportunity to show others what moments you witness with you own two eyes. It's having a voice with your eyes, a photo can say so much more than words sometimes and it's a beautiful thing.

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This hen is taken care of two barn kittens during a thunderstorm....what a great motherly instincts !

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Everything about a thunderstorm is intensely saturated with anticipation and vibrancy; a good thunderstorm makes the whole world feel precarious and tingly and alive. It's gorgeous.

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Red sprites and blue jets are both atmospheric and electrical phenomena that take place in the upper atmosphere. They take place above normal lightning; Blue jets happen in cone shapes above thunderstorm clouds, and are not related to lightning. They’re blue due to ionised emissions from nitrogen. Red sprites can appear as different shapes and have hanging tendrils. They occur when positive lightning goes from the cloud to the ground.

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TOP 10 Nature's Phenomena

mammatus clouds, these strange, pouchy formations often occur in association with a thunderstorm

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Volcanic lightning, Iceland What is God saying in this picture? You know it's a miraculous sign! Crazy!!!

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Yes.. a beautiful picture of a natural phenomena -- but this is what we need to figure out; how to harness the massive energy by tapping into it.... and our energy problems would be over. A strike like this, it is said -- could power an entire good sized city for a month!

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WEATHER Vocabulary in English One Note/Clarification: "HAIL" -- it doesn't have to be cold for it to hail. Actually, here in the US, it only hails during a bad thunderstorm in warm weather. We had hail yesterday and it was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit (34 degrees Celsius). It IS a strange phenomena, balls of ice falling on a hot day. See this video of hail falling in the south of Spain in May 2012:

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