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What is a stem cell? Narrated by Dr. Jim Till

WHAT IS A STEM CELL? Laminine is a Stem Cell Enhancer: A stem cell is a single cell, capable of replicating itself or becoming another more differentiated cell type in the body, such as a skin cell, a muscle cell, or a nerve cell.


A stem cell (blood or marrow) transplant is the infusion, or injection, of healthy stem cells into your body to replace damaged or diseased stem cells. A stem cell transplant may be necessary if yo…

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How Many Drops Of Water Can You Put On A Penny?

What is surface tension? Here is a STEM challenge: See how many drops of water you can put on a coin. Experiment with different types of liquid, too! via @rookieparenting


Here is an illustration of a stem cell. Find out what stem cell are and what they can be used for in our Genetics lesson.


"The average person doesn't understand what a stem cell is. There's a lack of health literacy in our nation. So the public can't really get into this dialogue because they don't understand the complexity of stem cells, not the faith-based approach, not the ideological or political, but the science behind stem cells.", Richard Carmona

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Stem Changing Verbs - Notes & Quiz

This PowerPoint contains notes on stem changing verbs in Spanish, including:--What is a stem changing verb?--Common types of stem changes--How to conjugate stem changing verbs--Practice questions--Suggestion for creating stem changing flashcards with important info for practiceYou also get a mini-quiz with answer key, which assesses student knowledge of:--verb definition--type of stem changeBoth the PowerPoint and the quiz are editable to meet the needs of your course / curriculum…


Are you looking for a way to integrate STEM activities into your current curriculum? If so, this product might be just what you are looking for. This is a SAMPLE of a bigger bundle that we have created for the month of December. Students will make a tree using tangrams.Please check out the full set of activities if you would like to learn more.STEM units that might interest you:STEM BundleJanuary STEM ChallengesFebruary STEM ChallengesMarch STEM ChallengesApril STEM ChallengesMay STEM…