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"What causes a Shadow" Hippothesis (HooplaKidzTV)

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I have no name. I am a shadow, a wraith, a creature of my surroundings. People look at me and see what they wish to see, and I sneak away into the night, never to be seen again, a whisper on their lips, a slight memory that slips away with time.

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I said just as my strength gave out and I collapsed. The shadows attacked. I didn't see the finale. I was lost in a world of nightmare and darkness before I could.

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It's a Too Faced Makeup Kind of a day! Check out EmmysBeautyCave on Instagram for lots of Beauty posts

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This is a great chart to use with your light unit!

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Infernal devices and Mortal Instruments

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You around yourself confused on who this man was referring to. No one except him was a threat to you, but you decide to play along. Perhaps his just a crazy drunk, lost and unstable. "Who?" you ask in a hushed voice. The man gasped and hugged himself. "You angered them!" With a shaky finger, he pointed at you. "Now their going to get their revenge!"

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22 DIY Cosmetics

Use this technique with any color of eyeshadow! Recreate with my Younique pigments.

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I don't know, who this guy is, but if one of his friends, relatives or anyone close to him reads this: Give him a handsake/ hug and tell him, that he made someone really happy, and he earned my respect.

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What I want from Santa on Christmas | I want a Herondale | TID TMI Shadowhunters

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