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The Australian Government has now agreed to let more Syrian refugees come here to live. But what is a refugee and what difference could this decision make to their lives? Amelia found out.

South Sudan: uprooted by conflict - aid worker updates and photos [Storify] | International Rescue Committee (IRC)


What is the difference between a refugee and an asylum seeker? - Settlement Services International

MAKE: Maker Faire - Newsletter Make: | Maker Faire | View in your browser Wednesday September 28 2016 Fall is a busy time for makers. We've got plenty of Maker Faires happening new books coming out and a new community projects platform for makers to share what they've made with others. It's a time to get inspired to start your own Fall project. World Maker Faire and Other Faires Around the World In our seventh year in New York World Maker Faire (this…

Not sure that I’ve ever been so honored to introduce someone as I am right now. Gac Filipaj is a refugee from the former Yugoslavia. For the past twelve years, he has worked as a janitor for Columbia University.  His job title is “Heavy Cleaner,” which includes emptying the trash and cleaning the toilets.


These 96 Photos Say More Than Words Ever Could. #7 Will Break You Down.

29.) A child is passed through barbed wire to his grandparents at a refugee camp during the Kosovo War.


NATO warmongers tell their puppet Porky Poroshenko to abide by Minsk agreement. What does NATO have up its sleeve? -

#UGANDA DICTATOR #MUSEVENI TO #UN: AFRICAN POLITICS IS NOT THE SAME AS WESTERN POLITICS By Span Is it true that Africans do not like freedom? Is it true that Africans do enjoy their governments stealing public funds? According to dictator Museveni African politics is not similar to European countries so they should stop meddling into our politics. Museveni forgot to address a bigger problem here. If Africans don't want freedom why is it that continental Africa has the highest refugees…