A great Venn diagram and accompanying article I can point to when someone asks me - "What would you say... you DO... here?"

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This infographic explains every KitchenAid Mixer attachment and what they do. It is one of the best I have seen. Such an awesome versatile kitchen product!

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Food Labeling Infographic - Are you aware that if you buy a product sold as trans fat free, you could still be consuming a substantial amount of this unhealthy substance? Deceptive labeling practices could lead to medically significant consumption of harmful trans fat, in spite of what is stated on FDA approved labels. In fact, failure to identify high-risk foods could cause people to go over the recommended daily value of 1.11 grams of trans fat coming from processed food items and result…

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What is that one song you want people to remember at your wedding reception? Couples today place a huge emphasis on the last song of the night. This is a list of songs we've recognized as popular finales to the night.

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If you’re selling a product or service, then using “bonuses” can be valuable way to convert more people into paying customers for your biz. What is a bonus? It’s a little somethin’ extra that you give someone (fo’ free!) who purchases one of your paid offerings. (But you already knew that). As you can probably guess, there are …

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Excuse me - what. This is right up our alley. We tried a cardboard box version the other day and failed.

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Paragraph of the Week. Wow! What a jam-packed QUALITY resource! There's so much that I love about it. The instructions for use are very clear and I'll use the example pages to guide me in knowing what the work might look like. The repetition will serve to firmly reinforce what students are to do so that there is no question on the students' part. Also, the rubric is very explicit so students know what is expected. Pardon my gush, but I love this resource!

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