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RWBY I'm one with the Force. The Force is with me

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The just turned a serious moment into a funny one

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alm, cool, and even a bit apathetic, you easily shrug things off on the outside, while you forgive you do not forget. You only focus on what you deem important, and you are a VERY proud individual.

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Naruto and hinata || I will never give up, this is my ninja way.. that's what naruto taught to Hinata and to everyone ♡

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X'D I can just see fox's face. Wha-...what the hell is a ninja doing with a fancy cup of tea?...

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There's some really, really good times to run. Like when samurai are chasing you. Just sayin'. Other than that, this is cool.

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19 Times Lin-Manuel Miranda Supported You On Twitter

This man is so adorable and such a ray of sunshine, his morning and night tweets are so beautiful! :)

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