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What Is A Legion

No ancient Roman legion’s eagle has been found, but replicas of what they may have looked like have be created Originally the eagle was probably made of silver with a golden thunderbolt in its claw. Above the eagle on the standard a gold bar bore the message SPQR (Senatus Populus Romanus), a title that honored the Senate and the people of Rome. While the primary function of the eagle was symbolic (representing not only the legion, but the Roman empire as well), it also proved a…


The Antonine Wall was a turf fortification on stone foundations, built by the Romans across what is now the Central Belt of Scotland, between the Firth of Forth and the Firth of Clyde. Representing the northernmost frontier barrier of the Roman Empire, it spanned approximately 63 kilometres (39 miles) and was about 3 metres (10 feet) high and 5 metres (16 feet) wide. Security was bolstered by a deep ditch on the northern side.


The famous Niedermörmter Roman helmet of the 3rd century BCE. Side view. This style of helmet with hinged cheek pieces and a large neck protection was found in the river Rhine (now in the Mainz museum). It is a Weisenau type. Along with the elaborate applique and perforated brow, this helmet sports a unique design element on the crown: what are described as either "Mice and cheese" or "Mice and bread". Some experts call this model the most beautiful Roman helmet.

from Ancient History Encyclopedia

Roman Artillery Attack

An image illustrating what a Roman artillery attack might have looked like. Centre is a ballista arrow-throwing device, in use between the 3rd century BCE and 4th century CE in Roman warfare.

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