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What Is A Kraken

#PatronPhoto #MT " @Tobaccocompany @AFuenteCigars This is what I'm drinking to celebrate ME BEING ME and made it thru another year! Here's to 2017!!! " Exactly way to create a special occassion. Release the Kraken AND the Blue! Here's to turning the page to a top-notch 3017!

SPD Release the Kraken Morale Patch

Beware the Kraken’s fury. This design on a fully embroidered morale patch with hook backing. What a monster from the deep to strike fear and dread in the hearts of ordinary men. Our Kraken is a formidable beast and one of the graphical elements in our Special Projects Division logo. Specifications: Height: 2.8" Fully embroidered rayon thread on canvas backing Hook backing with cover

Kawaii octopus pun mousepads, you can keep the saying "What's kraken?" or replace it with your own text.

Illustration of a Young Kraken in Training


What Lurks Beneath The Waves


This French doorway is obviously the beginning of the Cthulhian architecture movement

From the entryway to the Institut Océanographique in Paris comes what might be the most awesome sculpture to adorn an archway in the history of sculptures and archways. Also Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Photo by Giacomo Spagnoli (aka VP)