A Day in the Life of Taylor Hill: 14 Hours on the Road with Victoria’s Secret's Newest Angel

Find out what a day in the life of new Victoria's Secret model Taylor Hill is really like.

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"Sometimes in life you work very hard to get to the top of the mountain. Only after you get up there you realize the mountain is just a hill compared to what is about to come next." P. M. #quotes #life #workharder

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Just pray for the ability to accept what you see for what it is when it’s shown to you… Don’t lose yourself in your emotions

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Nathan: Haley what are you doing?Haley: Kiss me.Nathan: Haley James Scott, this is a women’s bathroom, you’re a teacher and your son is out there.Haley: The door’s locked, I’m not a teacher anymore and our son is dancing. Now kiss me. I don’t care if you’re not in the NBA, you are my husband and you are so damn sexy. One Tree Hill 6x23 - Forever and Almost Always

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