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Sincerity means that your words and actions align. As a friend, sincerity is being genuine about what you mean when u say it and encouraging carefully and specifically from the heart without the motive to gossip about the news you hear about their life. As a boyfriend sincerity means trying to live right every moment of everyday and being 100% yourself to honor that person bc you think you as yourself are honorable in living right. Sincerity is meaning what you say and saying what you mean…


Who Can relate??.. First with my Hand up... I want so bad to stop expending myself for people say but never do. It sucks to be hopeful... If I try to help them maybe they will accept me . Will include me.. Will be my friend.. But it doesn't happen .. Weekends are empty... I'll never be in anyone's squad, or be their peep, or bff.


One sided relationships = very disappointing! It's difficult to try and understand why someone is so off and on as a so called friend.


Do I confuse you the way you confuse me? I do get could be for me or could yes you do or it could be no you don't...often things seem so ambiguous to me... I admit I can be an analytical over thinker combined with emotion and love is most important to me so when I'm unsure I do then go into a caution mode...because I love you does not mean I know everything about you or how you are with woman or love...Note...I am NEVER confused on why or how much I love…


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