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What is a wishing rock? It's a rock with a single perfectly unbroken stripe all the way around the circumference of the rock. For a rock to qualify as a true wishing rock, there can be no splits, no outrunners, no faint second lines on the rock. Most of us have seen striped rocks, but to find one with just a single perfect line is not easy. Popular lore holds that if you keep a wishing rock in your pocket (or nearby) and make wishes on it, it will help your wishes come true.


Bradenton Beach.on the south side of Anna Maria Island, this is what I call city life! It's more than about golfing, boating, and beaches; it's about a lifestyle! KW

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Ke'e Beach

Ke'e Beach, last beach on the North Shore before the Na Pali Coast. Walk around what appears to be the final peninsula for a nice additional cove - turtles swim there. Please DO NOT touch the coral or walk on it, it is very sensitive and will die due to touch. Wonderful fish & snorkeling when the water is calm here.


These mountains, my goals, they are so intimidating. I find myself drawn closer and closer to ease. The waters are so calm, I can just fall into their embrace. But something always, always keeps me at edge, makes me pull my toe back when the waves come crashing in, and turns me towards the mountains once more


The ocean is slowly dying because of us, and the ocean's sea creatures suffer because of us! What can YOU do that will make me change these words into something good? Remember to always throw away your trash, pick up trash, and bring NO PLASTIC to the beach! All these little things can help save a sea creature's life! Everyone can be a wildlife hero even if you do these little things! - Wildlife Earth on Pinterest, for all the wildlife news, facts, and pictures!

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Panera Mac & Cheese

Alright folks, this is **THE** recipe for Panera’s Mac & Cheese. I got it from their website a while back when they posted it for a short time! You MUST try this Panera’s Mac & Cheese Recipe.


Catch of the Day: Plastic Surprise. We need to stop polluting the oceans. Please stop using plastic -bags, -forks, -knives, -cups, styrofoam containers and anything that is not biodegradable