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What Is 420 Day

2017 trx420. Customer had it for one day and had puddle of gear oil under the front diff. Had to do all this to get it out to find the input shaft seal had been damaged during assembly. But that is what a warranty is for.

420 Day Celebrated by Millions around the World - But what is 420 and what are its origins?

JAWA KUSH FROM OCEAN GROWN SEEDS Just started some Jawa Kush from Ocean Grown Seeds.( Ghost OG x Jawa Pie(Key Lime Pie x Alien Rift) )Excited about what I will find. From Vader's pics these girls throw some big chunky colas and anything with the Ghost and Alien Rift is sure to be pure fire. These plants are showing some nice aeroponic roots . At 30 days from dropping them in a shot glass I am about to flower them. @pacificlightconcepts @growmau5 @oceangrownseeds @vaderog Full grow…

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Taking a dab is the latest and some say greatest way to consume cannabis concentrates these days. But what is 'dabbing'?

What Is ‘420’ And Where Did It Come From?

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They call me Bgames on

Reschedule Cannabis


TODAY IS THE DAY FOR FAT EIGHTHS😍💚🔥 Come see what awesome strains we have for you today! #prop215 #discounthunter #weed #theplug #open #420 #weedstagram420 #hightimes #highlife #mmh #cannabis

This is "Evil Tweety" by the exceptionally talented glassblower Aric Bovie of Asheville NC. The pain in Evil Tweety's eyes comes from the existential agony of knowing its own maker probably. What purpose does Evil Tweety serve? For one Evil Tweety makes for a fun water pipe for your dry herbs with a 10mm flower bowl on its tail. Evil Tweety has a 6 inch wingspan a charming unibrow and cute little green freckles on its cheeks. Evil Tweety needs a friend. Keep Evil tweety safe from the…

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What is 4/20 and why do weed-smokers celebrate it?

Today is AKA the only worldwide holiday in celebration of the joy of marijuana; but what is the meaning behind We explain it all