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Kate Winslet - the great and beautiful actress also has a lovely singing voice. 'What If' - Official Music Video from the animated film "Christmas Carol - The Movie." ... a what if song about how lost love for Belle, his former fiancee, affected Scrooge; could his life have turned out differently or did he still require the lessons of Marley and the Ghosts?

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What If

"What if" Christian Movie - Christian Movie/Film on DVD/Blu-ray.

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What if 'Blade Runner' Starred Bogart? Check Out These Great Imaginary Movie Posters

What if your favorite film had been made decades before it actually debuted — which famous actors would star? Or if a summer blockbuster had been made way back in cinema history, who might have been the director? And what would the poster look like? Such is the theme around which artist Peter Stults’ series “What If: Movies Re-Imagined” revolves, taking the form of movie posters from alternative-reality Hollywood.

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What If Every Pixar Movie Is Actually Connected

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What If Movies Ended When One of the Characters Mentions the Title of the Film

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What If Movie Trailer - - - - - - - - Kevin Sorbo, Debby Ryan, and Kristy Swanson stars in What If, a Christian movie about choices, love, and salvation.


Debby Ryan's What If (2010) Trailer. Watch the movie, but not the trailer. It gives too much away! NETFLIX. Corny but good.