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What Eats Jellyfish

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Sea Turtles love eating jellyfish! Visit our page here: #turtles #turtle #petturtle #whatdoturtleseat

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These Award-Winning Underwater Photographs Are Dazzling

Turtle eating jellyfish by Richard Carey

Blue Sea Slug aka Blue Sea Dragon Gorgeous. They supposedly eat Man-o-War jellyfish & absorb the poison. Like many in nature, the bright colors scream "Don't eat me, I'm poisonous!"

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Mola mola earring, sunfish earring, handmade, polymer clay, silver stud, fish, animal earring, scuba diver gift, for her, ocean

Although funny looking, the mola mola is a complete badass! It eats jellyfish and is the heaviest bony fish in the world! Each mola mola measures approximately 1.7 cm from fin to fin. Light weight and very comfortable to wear. Care should be taken as small parts may break with rough handling. Materials: polymer clay, silver plated earring post and ear nut, acrylic paint, super glue, varnish. Made to order and final product may vary slightly from photos above. Please allow 3 - 5 days for…

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Penguins prefer to eat sexually aroused jellyfish to krill and shrimp

awwww so confused and adorable and will be digested soon

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