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What Does Posh Mean

BLOCKED FOR ASKING TO MY SELLER???? I just bought some things 4 days ago and I just asked to my seller when she will ship my things? In one of the pictures of what I just bought.. and she answered me in the picture of another thing I just bought and blocked me wtf?? What does this mean? Ha Other

What Does Posh Mean? What it means to be posh and how we all should aim for that! Makeup

VACATION SALE! BIGGER BUNDLE DISCOUNT! With just a week till vacation, I want to get to some poshing done! What does that mean for you? Bigger bundle discount and offer acceptance! -30% off bundles of 2+items! -make me a reasonable offer so I can accept! Accessories

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Congrats! You're a Poshmark Suggested User

Congrats! You're a Poshmark Suggested User! Congratulations Delena suggested user! We have some exciting news! You have been identified as an outstanding Posher and we're pleased to let you know that you're now part of our Suggested Users Program! What does this mean now? As a Suggested User, your mentorship and contribution to the community is highly valued and appreciated. Happy Poshing! This message was sent to Please visit notification settings to manage your…

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NWT Retail? What does that mean exactly?

NWT Retail? What does that mean exactly?! Giallo Clothing purchases items from designers and vendors at trade shows to bring you the most exclusive items! All items are brand new, never worn. These items are being sold to the public for the first time. Giallo Clothing as obtained a state business permit and a license to purchase items from designers to be able to sell retail. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Other

Everything!!! Hey Posh Ladies!! I just received an amazing opportunity! Which means I'm leaving Las Vegas and heading up to Seattle!! Unfortunately, I can't possibly pack up all of my Poshmark clothes and stuff them in to my tiny car :( What does this mean for you?? ALL LISTINGS ARE ON SALE!!!! Please please please feel free to make *any* offer on **any** item! All semi-reasonable offers will be accepted and shipped asap! HAPPY POSHING!!!! Dresses

it's fall! what does that mean? It means I have warmer items in stock for cooler days and cooler items in stock if your going or live in warmer climate. I got you covered. Be patient with me as I expand. Thanks for checking meowt. Stop by my boutique @51twenty also. Carolyn-xx ccatsmeoww Other

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LD Custom Cuff (only 50 will be handstamped by me)Boutique

LD Custom Cuff (only 50 will be handstamped by me) Limited Edition & Exclusive design by @wenrella. I made one for myself & @72inches. I get stopped by women that want to touch this beautiful & elegant bracelet always ask "What does POSH❤️LOVE mean?" It's a perfect way to share your closet name & $5 code (I stamped on inside W/my sig.) All my creations are 100% designed, hand stamped W/POSH❤LOVE only 50 will be made. The bracelet can be ajusted to your wrist. No shipping discount Custom made…

Why Buy From XEMODA? Take a look! Top 10% Seller! Fast Shipper! Top Rated Seller! Top 10% Sharer! Posh Mentor! So what does all that mean? I ship quality, GORGEOUS pieces you're gonna love extremely fast, love to share my ideas and thoughts about this great virtual fashion haven called Poshmark and I try to follow the rules! I love what I do! Want to chat? Need measurements? I'm just a click away Bags

Lane Changes MY TRUTH: I don't know you or what you look like. How something looks on me will NOT help you with how it will look on you. What does TRUE size mean to you? SO: Stay in your lane, I'll stay in mine. I'll measure almost anything for serious inquiries. Know your body, brands & measurements & be HONEST! Squeezing a size 9 into a 7 isn't a stroke of genious. Want Posh to be a most excellent adventure? I'll help all I can. However, ultimately it's YOUR CHOICE NO SHADE Other