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What Does Loose Mean

DIY Tea - Make Your Own Blends

What does it mean? I don't understand. This could mean a lot of things. Do you still want to do all this with me? Whatever I say, I mean it.. just believe we can do this. Otherwise we don't have a chance.


"I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” -Jesus (Matthew 16:19 NIV)


If hell is real and the majority of god's children will burn there forever, what does that say about god's parenting skills? Alcoholic parents don't dip their kids in lava...yet our sober, loving, Heavenly Father looses most of his kids to a bottomless pit? Maybe christians have god and the devil mixed up.


Treat a Person

What does being a nurse mean to you? #Inspiration #Motivation #Nurse #Quotes


"You miss him while you're breathing?" Luthor questioned with a catch in his voice. "What does that mean?" Lacuna, thought for a few moments. "Well, I suppose that when I'm breathing I miss him then when I do not." Cocking his head, Luthor had just opened his mouth to ask her to explain further when she interrupted him. "I want to loose all air in my lungs so I do not have to think about him at all.'


What Does Loam Mean to a Gardener?

What is Loam?: This graphic shows how different textures of soil combine to make different types of soil. <a href=" title="View Full-Size">Click to Enlarge</a>


Sometimes when we leave our Narcissist, we begin to notice the other people around us..that how they treat us, talk to us maybe isn't so great. Maybe it doesn't feel quite right anymore somehow. We start to notice when things don't feel good. This can be confusing. What does it mean... Sometimes we have been surrounded on all sides by people who are toxic, or no good for us. Maybe we start to notice that some family members are toxic, or maybe even a parent. This can be a scary time. We…