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Literary voices: What does 'Hope' mean now? | K. Smith This is just just one of my favorite things

Fear of the Lord: What Does It Mean? - Life, Hope & Truth

We've all been hurt by another, and sometimes the pain lasts and lingers. Letting go of the hope for a different past does not mean you erase the past or forget what happened. In order to move into a healthy place of freedom, you need to let go of the anger, pain and fear. Visit for more on Anne and Jonas Beiler's story of #forgiveness and redemption.

I hope this doesn't mean what I think it does

I Self-Injure–Here’s What That Means | Self-injury is common in people with borderline personality disorder (BPD) but what does self-injury mean? I explain why I self-injure and offer hope to others.


"Do you see it yet? Many times when you are in crisis, you feel as if all your hopes and dreams are gone. Like the wife of Phinehas, everything in you simply wants to quit. Some of you have even been tempted to curse the precious new thing God is doing in your life. If this is where you are today, this is no time for you to give into despair."


Where does the courage to persevere come from when everything seems hopeless? Why is it nearly impossible to succeed without faith?  How much do family and friendships matter in our journey? How do we break down our walls and reveal our inner truths? What does having compassion really mean? How do you tell real friends apart from those who are holding you back? If there’s no one to blame for my past, what do you do with your anger and resentment? These kinds of questions are the starting…


"God exerts a high and purposeful sovereignty. But we often misapply Gods sovereignty when it comes to actually helping sufferersboth ourselves and others. Here is a common misapplication: 'God is in control therefore whats happening is his will. You need to just trust the Lord and accept it. Ignore your feelings. Remember the truth gird your loins and get with the program.' Somehow stoic conclusions are fashioned from a most unstoic truth about a most unstoic God! Heres the classic text…


@dreadrat Is a proud dreadhead! Eileen says about her dreadlocks: my dreadlocks makes me incredibly happy! Since I had them done I feel complete and comfortable. I hope that I will still have them as an old woman. The original "Proud Dreadhead" campaign. Be an inspiration for others, wear your dreadlocks proudly! Send your pictures to us! Also write what does your dreadlocks mean for you? Help us spread The Word that dreads are not dirty and disgusting!