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What Does Hello Mean

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“Salutations.” “Wh-what's that?” “Salutations... It means hello!” “I've never heard that. It makes me want, like, crackers.”

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I am laughing too hard!>>>> Already posted this but I'm posting AGIAN because it is just so accurate.

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I mean, almost no YouTubers wear pants so... Not really a breakthrough.

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14 Charts That Only Harry Potter Geeks Will Understand

14 Charts That Only Harry Potter Geeks Will Understand - though i think potions are much more dangerous (Snape keeps testing their brews on pets and says he'll poison the students too + all the melts of cauldrons and fumes...)

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What does music mean to you? Show us your If I Stay fan art inspired by the theme "Live for Music" for the chance to win prizes including a trip to the Hollywood premiere!

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"Oh maaaaan... not those silly people ringing me because they need IT to help them with their PC issues AGAIN."

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Hello everyone. What does a Sunday mean? A new sketch of course. Below is a sketch you can use to create a layout. This is what I cr...

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