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13 Healthy Recipe Ideas for the New Year

13 Healthy Recipe Ideas for the New Year - 13 amazing recipes to keep you on track!

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Sounds like a Witch to me... ☽○☾ Source: Home Curb Appeal

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Firstly, everyday of the week is not a holiday to us, although it may be to you. Secondly, just because we both celebrate a holiday on the same day - ex, Christmas - does not mean we "stole" it from you. As far as I know, you still have yours, correct? Thirdly, a majority of Christians don't celebrate what you know as Samhain - I'd say none of us do -; halloween is literally just food and dressing up. No one took anything from you; you still have yours. My calendar is Christian.

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1964 - Oberwesel, Germany. UFO photographed 8 March 1964 by Harry Haukler, who was on a train passing through Oberwesel, Germany, when he saw a disc rise into the air alongside the train. The photograph shows a dark whirling below the disc. A very rare shape on this unknown object.

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What is happening here? <<< Does this mean Rowena and Crowley are trapped with Luci and Sam in the cage and this is Luci's torture for them??!!?? #damnyouHellatis #ineedtoknow

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What does "actual" mean? He's not a REAL person. But 2005 is by far my favorite Leon S. Kennedy of them all.

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