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What Does Halloween Celebrate

This is the best one I've seen yet!!

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13 Reasons Why You Have To Spend A Halloween In New Orleans

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I am Christian, but I don't understand why it is okay to observe Easter and Christmas, but SO many churches won't celebrate Halloween because it is an "evil pagan" holiday! All of my life I've celebrated these holidays and it still doesn't make sense to me! A "lie" is a "lie" whether the intentions are good or bad. So, I guess us "Holiday-observing Christians" aren't so "Christian" after all! Luckily, my parents didn't observe XMas like it was Jesus' bday- we just did Santa stuff.

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The enemy is sooo deceitful... Trying to glorify himself...he's only after your heart to worship him

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Halloween -- it may be seemingly "harmless"....but it isn't. It is pagan, and wicked. It is an abomination and The Lord hates it. Believers/Followers/Obedient bond-servants of The Lord Jesus Christ are NOT to participate in evil, pagan, dark, ritual-celebrations such as Halloween and many other pagan holidays! ESPECIALLY Halloween: one of the pagan-practitioner's favorite evil day. Repent.

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