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What Does Display Mean

from Eat Pray Workout

What does it mean to be blessed

I think it would be cool to frame a bunch of verses and display them in a hallway of the house as daily reminders


Know your numbers! Avoid #GMO and buy #organic! While stickers are not mandatory in Canada, a sticker that is displayed MUST be accurate and truthful.


Use this FREE Fist to Five poster to introduce a quick check formative assessment to your students. Simply display the poster in your classroom, explain what each hand signal represents, and use frequently to reflect on lessons.


"What Does that Mean?" Dardick 4 RA passive program/bulletin board. Privilege, oppression, feminism, microaggression, gender, cultural appropriation, intersectionality, collusion, and social justice.

from JW.ORG

Appreciate Jehovah’s Generosity and Reasonableness

Study: What does it mean to be generous and reasonable? Learn how we can imitate Jehovah’s example in displaying generosity and reasonableness to others.


When you start your journal, take a few moments to get comfortable & focus on what emotion you are attempting to display. Try to see the colors & shape of the emotion in your mind. There is no right or wrong way to draw, paint or color it. After you are finished set it down and ponder what it means. What does it tell you about yourself? What did it reveal? Date it and then move on with your day. You will be able to use different techniques as time goes on.